11 ways to see how climate change threatens the Arctic
World Economic Forum

The Earth’s climate has always changed and will always keep changing as long as the Earth has an atmosphere. And there lye the problem. We live in a “reducing-atmosphere”. The Earth had much higher temperature, as well much higher CO2 content atmosphere. The poles are also changeing, fossil remnants of tropical plants found in the arctics.

The big question is how much humans had to do with it, and how much humans can do to change or reverse it ? That is what these “scientists” are unwilling, or perhaps unable to answer. And just why not ?

The icebergs and some ice-cover that slides the north, are melting. Because the ocean water temperatures rising. That is not because the air temperature rise.

El Nino effects are known, being common and even regular. It is caused by the mid-oceanic ridge eruptions, that raise ocean-water temperatures. Ask any one in Peru. But the Mid-oceanic vulcanic eruptions, and El Ninos are alleged by scientist as caused by Solar flares, Solar tsunamies, Corona mass ejections, G-magnatic storms, Solar proton events, Nuclear EMP, etc.

On Earth, almost ALL damage to nature, ecology, etc. are caused by humans alone. Greater the number of humans, greater the damage they cause.

That is the main cause of all problems on Earth. Humans, human over-population. Yes, when I was a young fellow, the human population was at the brink of 2 billion. Now 7.5 billion. Will double in the next 40 years.

Scientific experts state that 10 billion is the ultimate number of humans the Earth is able to support. By 2100, it may be 25–30 billion. So just what will we do by than ? Or what can we do now to prevent the unavoidable catastrophe ? Any one willing to consider that un-avoidable ? Why NOT ???

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