Why the World is Better Off Without American Leadership
umair haque

This is all fairytails !

Industrialized powers need to have markets or they choke to death.

They also need raw-material to keep their industry to function.

Today, Germany also need cheep labor force, that is why Mekel invited migrants. But there came many more than Germany can use.

Germany fought two wars with France in the XIX century. There was coal on one side of the border, and iron ore on the other side. Both was needed to make steel. Steel was the basic need of industrialization. The same was the motivation in WWI also.

After the war Germany became a free nation and life was rolling in the 1920s. The Weimayer Republic. After Germany was srrangled economically, it gave rise to Hitler. Industrializef Germany’s need for markets and raw material became the main goal. That was WWII.

Spach ,the Belgian foreign minister’s idea created the Saar-Ruhr Iron Coal conglamorete after WWII, to avoid more wars. It was succesful, and became the model of the Euro Zone. But needed political machinery to extend the market. So they created the EU. Again it is toward east, for market and source of raw material.

Germany is again the power house of Europe. The markets, raw materials and now the need of cheep labor is the need. Germany is again looking toward the east. Will it be war again? The move toward the east has caused plenty of problems already.

On top of all that ,as Merkel invited the migrants, they are overtaking Europe, that a disorganized and chaotic Europe just do not have the guts to handle it all.

The Gold standard was dropped as there just NOT enough gold in the world to cover even 1% of the world trade.

The US had the upper hand after Britain. China soon to be the next big bully on the block. But they are Communist. Mao created the Party as the only source to get even with the west for destroying China with opium. Than for the west bloodily turn on China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion.

The next 40–50 years will be a major re-adjustment of the control of the world. Just like every time in the past, to gain power for control of the world. Like slicing a birthad cake, as the Pope has described it.

Are you getting ready for the future ?

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