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Actually, I want to say that there was a fairly recent in depth & good article explaining systemic racism. Even going on the premise that it’s a theory, it’s undeniable that there is a cycle within the black community that does keep perpetuating. If you’ve done any extensive reading on the Antebellum South, you’ll easily see that even once ‘free’ slaves were, in fact, still essentially enslaved due to the laws passed in a number of states. If a man committed a crime (and by that, I’m not even talking about a real crime, something so simple as disrespect, he could be jailed & then forced to ‘work’ for the expenses he supposedly cost the system. I’m quick to give an eyeroll to the term white privilege, however, you can’t just ignore all facts of the history of segregation & slavery.

Another example: separate but equal. For how many years did black children have out of date text books, basically whatever was left over when white schools received new materials? Schools in multiple areas were closed & turned in to private prep schools. Private school? Parents are in control. So black kids did not receive any education because it literally was not available to them.

This was not all that long ago. Put that in context & perspective. If you have a significant portion of any population that goes without education, get behind in the ways the world is changing, that isn’t going to be an easy jump to catch up again.

As I said, while I find the term white privilege to be utterly obnoxious, there are facts that really can’t be disputed here…

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