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I’m falling asleep & im writing a quick reply so I’ll remember to come back. Short version regarding your point of the Internet: reasonable example, however, many people (I’m not categorizing by race) who are at/below the poverty line, often don’t have free run of a computer. They may not own one.

That simple statement brings up another point in terms of advancing technology. I’m a creative consultant/director & I work in film. For online marketing & social media, even if I only took a year leave from my job, I’d be leaps behind in my industry. I’m not saying I can’t work hard to catch up, it’s just an example of a lack of resources for those who make up the lower SES in the States.

I think we may agree on somethings more than disagree. I’m 1st generation & I’ve had similar questions. I ultimately have come to believe tthat it’s a more complex situation for a variety of reasons. I’m happy to engage further after I catch a few hours sleep!

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