This Is Why Your Critiques Of Beyoncé Are Racist
Lara Witt


A) it’s difficult to remain open minded about any article when you begin reading and what’s seen is, ‘you’re just jealous’ and ‘she didn’t get it, thats the only reason she said it’s tacky & gaudy.’

B) these are opinions. Sure, Beyoncé looks amazing. She can do a photoshoot if she wants. Who the hell cares? How are these critiques any different than any other critique of any celebrity fashion editorial, pregnancy announcement, or whatever else for which said celeb is receiving attention?

Beyoncé is black, but the biggest point is this: she’s in the public eye. People criticized Jessica Simpson for not looking good (read: fat) during her pregnancy. Nicole Richie was told repeatedly to eat a burger.

You’ll have to excuse me because I don’t read/remember enough tabloid fodder to keep going on examples (& aside from the cover, I can’t remember further details of Demi Moore’d)

Yes, there are racist comments about pretty much anyone/everyone these days. Remember this, however: art is subjective. What you see & what others see will not always match. Hating something solely because the producer is black is, in my opinion, only slightly different than loving it solely for the same reason.

Any time anyone is in the public eye, people will critique their every move. I’m not suggesting racism doesn’t exist. I will say, racism loses any real meaning when people are quick to suggest that everything under the sun is racist. A negative opinion about a black person — especially an artist — doesn’t always stem from ill will or negativity. It isn’t racist to simply dislike the creative direction.

If you only expect to read positive things about Queen Bey & write off anything but as the comments of racist haters, that sounds like a superiority complex, not a stepping stone toward equality. Opinions, good/bad, are just that: opinions.