Fascism is not defined as genocide.
Jewelia Cameroon

That was, hands down, the best reply in this thread. And that’s from a former republican turned independent.

To add my own thoughts…

Some of us do not believe violence is an answer, period. Furthermore, ‘moral obligations’ are relative, as morality in itself, is relative. There are few if any moral standards that are shared across all cultures, religions & people. There are numerous social schemas depending on what part of the world one is in telling you what is acceptable, what is not, etc. So, while it is your opinion that violent artillery is a moral obligation, I do not believe that to be the case. In fact, I find that to be completely immoral as I try not to kill people, even if I do find them repugnant & deplorable, but hey, that’s just me…

To touch on any of the Hitler comparisons, Hitler wasn’t ‘TheHitler of history books until, uh, you know… he was.

Why is this relevant to Agent Orange? Because while there are technically systems of government in place that will presumably circumvent Trump from fucking this country up beyond belief, I do not believe it’s a stretch to assume he will (as he already has) attempted to circumvent policy for his own agenda. All it takes are a few people to support him, hes already proven himself to be authoritarian towards many in the media, the general public, you name it. He hasn’t killed anyone (yet… as far as I’m aware) but again, Hitler didn’t step up to a podium and immediately kill anyone either. If anything, Hitler actually did bring some positive things to the German people & the economy of Germany. He was charismatic. And yet an addiction to power & mental illness (both of which Trump seems to suffer) lead to a mass genocide. And people were too fearful to stop him.

In that case, by all means, organize and stand up to him. Many of us stand up in other ways. We do not support him. He is not my president. Period. I’m more than happy to renounce my citizenship as I already have dual citizenship. Do I want to? No. Yet if a man like Donald Trump is genuinely reflective of the attitudes of the American people, I can’t say I want to be one of you.

When the KKK formally endorses you & holds a parade in celebration, I don’t know about you all, but I find that pretty damn scary. But hey… history can’t possibly repeat itself, right? I mean… That’s never happened before… has it…?