Been a long time

So my last story was titled ‘ first of many — hopefully’

I guess, it is time to follow up on that. A lot has happened since my last post, and the things I have done and learnt since then, has made me realized that I need to stop whining!

I am the type of person who usually takes too long to give up or move on. But no matter what happens with the subject of this angst, I had some great moments with her. I noticed that I used to get angry at those moments instead of remembering them fondly. To make myself believe that ‘breaking up’ with her was for the better, I started to think of instances when she wasnt there for me. She wasnt there for my first job offer. She wasnt there at my last ‘bar night’ even though I had asked her to be. Her wish for my birthday was a simple “Happy Birthday” text — not even a birthday card! My last night at business school before I started internship — she wasnt there, when almost all of the rest of the class were. None of this actually made me mad. They just made me realize that I did not mean to her as much as she meant to me and I dont think thats fair in a relationship.

I want to remember those moments as a part of my learning experience at business school, good or bad — not be angry at fate/myself or the girl. I think people would probably ask what happened that made me suddenly realize this and why didn’t it happen before. One word — Japan!

I visited Japan for spring break and the experience there isnt something I can sum up in a few words — but I will try. The country is beautiful and very advanced. Such a small country and they have advanced so fast — especially after the world war. The infrastructure of that country is amazing. People are very nice and unbelievably clean. Riding the bullet trains and other trains through the mountains, I realized that it is OK if I didnt get the girl. I came to business school to experience a lot of different things. Not all of them have to be good, but all of those experiences did teach me a lot of things. And this personal experience is the same way. I was in this beautiful and awesome country, and I am getting exactly what I wanted out of business school, so why should I cry about a few things that didnt go my way?

So I am out of business school for a bit, and I do have to say that I miss my friends there. I am almost jealous that they are all enjoying watching sports/going to bars/movies/dinners/house parties without me. But I knew this would happen considering a lot of my classmates are done with recruiting now and have nothing to do until their internship starts other than the regular classes.

But I am also very happy and excited to be at my current internship and in LA. It is a great company and it will help me immensely in my full time recruitment and LA is awesome. So I will end it here with a promise to right more often and hopefully better!

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