The Bible does not condemn “homosexuality.” Seriously, it doesn’t.
adam nicholas phillips

How very, very, sad that your post is down playing and watering down God’s Word on the condemnation of homosexuality. People are easily fooled by person’s who are dogmatic in their speech or presentation of an argument that they are trying to to convince others to believe; especially if the reader is not familiar with what the Bible genuinely says.

Certain or specific words do not have to be stated in the Bible for an honest-hearted, humble person to see and understand that homosexuality in all its ugly and ungodly forms is seriously condemned by God and His Word the Bible. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that God clearly condemns homosexuality.

The Devil twisted God’s Word and and continues to do so in this day and age. And so it is no surprise that those who claim to be christians would follow Satan’s lead in doing the same thing.

It would be a waste of time sharing Bible verses with you concerning the condemnation of homosexuality because you have already quoted them in your post.

Also, why are you relying so heavily on human reasoning and opinions to back up your misrepresentation of God’s Word the Bible?