I’m Cool With the Notch On iPhone X

Image via Max Rudberg

How to Avoid Knee Jerk Reactions

The mock-ups above were published a month before the official launch of iPhone X this past week, based on leaks. We knew the front-facing camera and sensors would create a notch on top of the screen, but not whether Apple would hide or show this notch. Were some leaks deliberate? It’s possible Apple wanted to gradually introduce the public to the unorthodox display, avoiding knee jerk reactions after the launch.

My Verdict

Here is the final mock-up from the Apple website:

iPhone X (via apple.com)

I’d like to see more discussion on this, but I think not hiding the notch was the right call on Apple’s part, even though it could complicate the layout/user interface in the short term (for instance, I don’t like how the battery life, signal strength, and wi-fi indicators seem stuffed in the right ear, while the time seems relatively isolated in the left ear).

Neither Hide nor Flaunt

The iPhone X isn’t the first to have a notch…

Essential Phone

…but it’s got the best message about it. Apple’s design choice shows a genuine commitment to making an edge-to-edge display, and to get as close as possible to that goal without hiding inevitable constraints — nor turning these into fads — , all while keepin’ it elegant.