Truly Understand Metal With The Best Thrash Metal DVDs

An extreme form of music is finally starting to receive the respect it deserved. Heavy Metal music, up until a few years ago, was a form of music that was only heavily appreciated by a small group of Metal music listeners. But outside of that very small circle, the genre held a largely notorious image in a society that was enthused by mainstream music to the point of fanboyism.

Chief among the reasons for the dislike for Heavy Metal music were jarring and shrill sounds, the alleged “dissonant” vocals, and the offensive lyrics. But, with the turn of the decade, the attitude towards Heavy Metal has turned too, largely because people are starting to realize and appreciate the incredible technicalities involved in creating just one Heavy Metal song. And two of the subgenres of Heavy Metal that have found the most acceptance are Brutal Death Metal and Thrash Metal. They are characterized by the fast tempo in their music but differentiated by the vocals and drumming technicalities involved. Brutal Death Metal music comprises of growls instead of sung vocals, while Thrash Metal involves yelled vocals. When it comes to drumming the pace of drumming is more rapid in Brutal Death Metal music and more technical in Thrash Metal.

Over the years the “big four” in the Thrash Metal (Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax) have been the flag bearers of the Thrash Metal scene, and have been the reasons for the sub genre’s ever growing popularity. If you’re looking to truly enjoy Thrash Metal and Brutal Death Metal too, then absorbing a few tips will hold you in good stead. To begin with, pay more attention to the music and the technicalities involved in it. Pop music is characterized by the appealing vocals and that is why the growling vocals of Brutal Death Metal and Thrash Metal songs drive people away. But if you research more, you shall realize that these genres incorporate techniques that aren’t in any other form of music. Technicalities like sweeping, tremolo picking, and the likes take years to master. Mastering the extremes of vocal range isn’t very easy either, and are only improved upon years and years of practice.

Listening to the work of some of the best bands in these genres will help you understand Brutal Death Metal and Thrash Metal better. So, order few of the best thrash metal dvds from online retailers and you will be on your way to truly appreciating this music.

About the author: The author is a Metal music buff and an avid writer. He has written about Thrash Metal and Brutal Death Metal in this article.
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