Something Something Presentation for James’s class

I picked a project by the New York Times called One in 8 Million. It is basically a bunch of small profiles that detail the lives of interesting individuals native to New York City. The project consists mostly of a photo slideshow and the subject narrating something about their life. Some of the slideshows end with a small blurb on the subject. The NYT staffers in charge of the project also have a question and answer section on the NYT website where they can interact with their audience.

I liked that they take a look at individuals who are part of such a large population and really turn them into people you want to get to know, instead of just another person you see out on the sidewalk. The fact that they use the audio from their interviews really brings personality into the interview.

I think that the photos are a nice touch. Some of them are from the subject’s past, while others are just some candid shots of them doing ordinary things from their daily lives. I like this because it shows where the person has been and what they are doing now. I think that the photos show what the subject might not tell you on their own.

I would say the only criticism I have is that the photos don’t have captions, so I got very bored and that kind of made me lose interest. If they had captions I would have been more compelled to stay glued to my screen. I also had trouble discerning the importance of some photos or what was going on in them.

The fact that they do go into detail on some of the slideshows telling us a bit more about the people helps to mitigate the confusion behind some photos due to lack of captions, which is a bit of a redeeming factor.

The series:

The Q&A:

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