by Jason John Bartholomew

July 12, 2017

I loved you above all others.
Same as I loved the rest of them.
Tho the one who’ll win that crown
Will be he who asks I stay around,
And none has asked so far now.

One morning when you wake I’ll be gone.
I don’t know when the change in winds will come.
Why you didn’t say “stay” I’ll never know,
But I hope you know I loved you most.

You were splendid and iridescent.
My breath caught watching you shimmer light.
Inside I flushed warm and tender.
Unable to sleep I held you tight all night.

I whisper in your ear at silver light,
“Babe, you are the love of my life.”
I kiss your temple as I slide out from the covers.
Just like I did with all the others.

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