Fingers Pressed Firmly Into Ears (AKA, Crossing the Rubicon)

by Jason John Bartholomew
January 7, 2017

​I think one of the best things you will ever do for yourself, if not the most important thing, is to grant yourself permission to examine, question, and then reject ALL OF IT! And then to go seek out better for yourself.

To ruthlessly decide of your own volition that it is all bullshit, hollow rhetoric that does not resonant, and to just refuse it, is the beginning of freedom. Make everything prove itself true FOR YOU. All the stuff you were taught growing up about people, and work, and country and god; everything you’ve seen your friends and neighbors and people on tv accept as the unquestioned truth about love and responsibility and community; every single little pithy, idiomized conventional “wisdom” nugget about… anything. Get rid of all of it that can’t defend itself in your own experiences and perceptions. Don’t ever let anything be too sacred to strip search and interrogate. And when you’re done carrying all those piles of plastic, useless crap out to the curb, there might not be a whole lot left. Still, you’re gonna feel lighter but a little sad and maybe even anxious. But at least now you’re not shackled to stupid shit that works only for the dumbest drones.

You may never find your own truth for every blank space you’ve decluttered of someone else’s word poop somebody handed them in a colored cellophane right before they handed it to you. So what? Some of those candy wrapped turds have been going around for centuries. Wouldn’t you rather have a gnawing emptiness than eat an old turd?

Your friends are gonna hate this. And your parents. And god. Fuck em. Fuck em all. They’re not really on your side, you know. It should be screamingly obvious to you by now that people and society have no fucking idea what they are talking about or what they are doing or any brilliant insight into anything. So stop listening.