Right on, stand strong, don’t be a ‘fashion victim’!
E. Scott Alighieri

Ha! I actually ❤️fashion, well clothes and accessorries, style. I even went to school for it and later taught Adobe at the same school for years. Fashion gets a bad rap, some valid, but most because of term confusion, people not really understanding what “fashion” is to those who really dig it and persue careers they love there.

There’s a distinction that needs to be made between “fashion”, “labels” and “trendy.” Fashion itself is not disposable. When done correctly as fashionistas expect, they are highly distinctive garments beautifully fitted and constructed out of high-end materials. While they may acquire a nostalgic, vintage air to them, they are created and intended to be worn over a long product lifeline. Many, if not most, will have more than one owner. When’s the last time you heard of vintage Gap? (No. The thrift store doesn’t count) or heard someone exclaim “oh my god, is that 1965 Bananna Republic? Where on earth did you get it? Now THAT’S sustainability. I had a professor once say, and rightly “if you want to be green, make beautiful clothes that last.”

Real fashion isn’t about confirmity either. It’s about individuality, not being afraid to stand out, even to the degree of exclusivity. It is also surprisingly sociopolitical. The first Pucci mini dress marked A shift in the values of women in their place in society. Society and its norms and values are always shifting and fashion is always commenting on that and pushing the envelope. That’s why fashion and rock n roll have such cozy relationship.

At this point people like to say "I don’t need to stand out. I’m not seeking attention. Clothes are shallow they don’t say anything about a person. " All of that is bunk. Clothes say a great deal about a person… They tell us their socioeconomic status, gang association, if they like to stand out or blend, if their fancy or sporty, and even their profession. Tthe fact is, everyone is making a decision on how they will be perceived. RuPaul said “people are born naked and everything after that is drag. “ That’s spot on. When I see a business person in a blue navy suit with a tie on the way to work I think to myself “business man drag.” Same suit without the tie? “A Creative Business management drag.” Even if you show up wearing whatever you pulled out of goodwill been and stuck in your body you are making a statement that statement being “I think fashion is stupid drag” or “non-capitalist drag”. Funny thing about these guys they all look the same too. 

However fashion has become incredibly elitist. Or Even more noticeably so which means it then starts to lose its bohemian set. Also we live in a time where the uber wealthy “haves” are increasingly being spotlighted as a problem in the world among us increasing number of “have nots.” Styles and habits of the rulers I never popular in times of economic unrest.

Regardless that brings me to label. Fashion also is an industry and has become a real whore lately selling itself out in similarly named spin off markets in malls priced for the more average consumer but offering a wide variety of marketing products ridiculous priced with covered in brand logos as well as non-distinctive garments they can be bought similarly just about anywhere. I knew a guy once who shopped in the best high-end stores only so he could look like everyone else while he bragged that his black pullover sport shirt was Prada. I would get so mad and jealous. Because I knew if I went into Prada with money to burn, I sure wasn’t stumbling out with something I could have bought it at Macy’s for a third the price. That kind of person is into labels and status and knows nothing about fashion. I try not to kick him in the shins and then run away with their crappy boing designer stuff so I can return it to the store and liberate a beautiful garment that deserves to be worn by someone who appreciates it.

Trends? Two kinds. There’s just what people are wearing these days, tucking your shirt in on just the front, skinny ties, trucker hat as opposed to baseball caps, pants down around the middle of the butt crack. Etc. The other trendy, not so much a trend but it is certainly working class… And that’s street fashion. What the young creative and even not so young mavericks are wearing to express themselves or as anti-conformity antiestablishmentarian anti-mom and dad statements. It’s all mixed and mashed up but you notice because it has real style and it just works. Because at the end the day all fashion is expressing, even if I think you’re saying is a lie like “I’m just like everyone else, really!” Some people have figured out the easiest way to make a commentary on artifice and identity is to play dress-up every day. Because if you believe what you wear doesn’t change how you move thru the world I dare you get a flaming red mohawk and a kilt and spend a week in the world like that and let me know how that goes.…

Sorry maybe to have written something so long on a thread. I don’t really know the protocol around here I can always move it.

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