America Will Never Be Great Until We Liberate the World From American Chains
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I dunno, I think you might have a streak of snark in you as well. Yes, methinks so. I don’t think snark is privilege and I do think it shows up for the resistance. Actually, I think snark is pushback served up terse, geeky and urbane in the same way cynicism is bitter idealism, hiding it’s jaded hope behind concertina wire and vodka breath. The language and tone of resistant comes in many forms, but it is the optimist and they’re shiny, all smiles apathy that is concerning. If anything reeks of privilege it’s getting to pretend the maintenance of an overbearing positivity will allow everything to just all work out in the end.

While you have every right to be disgusted with a generation like mine, Gen X, it isn’t true that we broke the world. It isnt even the hippie-yuppie-baby boomers broke it. What is true, rather than fix the world we absolved ourselves that responsibility and instead turned to the millennial generation and while they were still children, sought to imbue them with magic world healing qualities in hopes Millennials might accomplish those missions we were too cowardly and too weak to resolve for you. We are selfish, and, the truth is, we did not know how, so, therefore, we could not teach you how, and, more truth, Millennial’s are also self absorbed, enchanted by their own global benevolence towards mankind, but still just as ill-equipped to mend the world as were we.

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