Mot Juste

by Jason John Bartholomew
February 23, 2017

The only reason for distinguishing
between a “glint” and a “gleam”
is in his eyes when he ties her up.

No big deal, only death or life,
the whether or not she gets out alive,
from her point of view, before trussed up nice
seems maybe she might wish to think twice
if words are all the same, loosely defined,
that mean, more or less, “sparks of light.”

Tell her, not me, I’m just being pedantic
when I argue it’s really not empty semantics
and insist we must try until it is habit
to choose the right word with meaning exacted.

For the difference between a glint and gleam
can be measured in wedding bells and screams,
so while you thought I was being so mean;
I was saving her life and white dress dreams.

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