On Rules And Conventions

by Jason John Bartholomew

You have to throw the rule book away. You have to take every little social conventional wisdom and old wives tale, every little pithy by-rote nugget you’ve every heard about love and work and responsibility, anything really, and you have to throw it all on a big bonfire and walk away.

You’re gonna have to find your own truisms…because all of that…mostly it’s just rubbish. The rest of it is only relevant for conformity to a very particular kind of middle class, capitalist, christian lifestyle. A lot of it is archaic nonsense. Just burn it all. You can figure out what works in terms of industry and genuine bonds and right-mindedness and community for yourself. You can figure it all out for yourself. Even love. Human beings know how to love. You know this innately. You don’t need cultural myths or rules to figure it out.

Ignore those who is tell you you’re not ready for love or that you’re doing it wrong or fill your head with a lot of ridiculous expectations. You wanna love? Do it. Don’t listen to anyone tell you no, you can’t.

Its easy. And hard as hell. And nobody does it perfectly. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need love.

Throw all the rules away. Following your heart is archaic. Its not bad, it’s just partial. Follow your soul with instead. Your soul knows exactly where it comes from and exactly where its headed.

Make up your own rules. Look around you at the world and the state it’s in. We got here following rules and conventions. Look at the world and ask yourself if it really looks like anyone knows what they hell their talking about. Then forge your own way by listening to your own inner ear and following the signs and symbols that make sense to you. Look around you. How much worse could result from trying it your own true way? I’m betting not much worse. Be you. Trust you. It’s really all you’ve got.

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