One of the Great Wonders of the World

by Jason John Bartholomew

we could have been one of the world’s great wonders
created our own universe and inspired dozens of others
we could have spent Sundays floating in feathers
instead of washing away the sins and stains of strangers

but we chose one soda with bitters and a twist on rocks
smaller portioned individually-wrapped comforts
first name only brand single-serving regrets
bedroom doors closing quietly in the darkness
cold grey morning car alarms and dog barks

we chose being a them, instead of an us
but we coulda been

I can’t remember what your skin smells like
last time I saw you, you were cruising online
when I think of Sundays floating in feathers, 
I sometimes still cry

cuz we should have been one of the greats
one of the great wonders of the world