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Points for snark! The great Think about people is they are teachable and leadable and manipulatable. Worse case scenario, they are exterminatable. We just need some enlightened genius with a cross divides hypnotic charm, a smile as bright as a morning star, With a silver tongue oratory skill That unites and ulluminates mankind Inspires them into the solidarity of action for their own behalf and for the glory of the future will give them, Who speaks across all barriers and his neither one thing or the other but some thing to all people. Andrew has the brass nuts sack that should the stupid little sheep not follow he eliminate with surgical precision The fanatics, the mediocre, Sociopath, the Uncurious, All the other undesirables that refused to let humanity evolve into a peaceful race Intelligent, intuitive, Balanced, temperate, nonviolent,Live and let live people. Joint the brand new Garden of Earth or if you have not done so by Friday the rapture will come and take all of you and your loved ones and anyone with that genetic code and Julian your card will be XP’s program to somewhere else. Oh my God we been waiting for Elon musk. He is our savior. I don’t have the whole thing is starting to sound a little creepy So I think I will go back to Peru zing decommissioned railroad containers that I can bury in the Olympia mountains to create my own subterranean mole existence.