White Devil

by Jason John Bartholomew

The Native American Indian was just a simple, but complex, (so as not to confuse with a child or a retard) and peace-pipe loving creature that freely roamed, often barefoot with a feather tucked behind one ear, North America in bloodthirsty tribal gangs called Nations, even though violence and cunning and any sense of a body politic was entirely foreign to their whole Big Spirit Sky oneness that came from living totally in tune to the rhythms and essence of the land they didnt even have the language or arrogance to falsely claim as “theirs,” until along came a big white spider and stole all that land they never owned from them and then appropriated. and sullied. “banshee”, “tomahawk”, and “scalp” and made them seem something other than artistic quest for a rich red warpaint pigment to add complexity to the limited palette of Painting with only all the colors of the wind. White devil just don’t get it.

(I think it is tragic the decimation, largely brought about by a kind of imprisoning and an intentional, fostered dependency, the arrival of the new white faced world. dealt to the cultural identity and functionality of native people’s. The extent and complexity of all that is ongoing, and relevant, although not necessarily In ithe ways those chained to post modern identity politics would like to believe. Largely all of that is a conversation for a different day. I’m also aware, hyper aware really, I’ve the way that narrative is created and driven to our social storytelling. Is the typical peace as many of my pieces that are about illuminating the fabrication of narrative.

Regardless, bounty is a concept all people can appreciate and if we know anything about tradition it’s that all of our ancestors were morons. Still, there is much to be thankful for in my hand and in yours, so from one American to another, or maybe not even “actual” but postering in that great American tradition, no matter where you hail from or where you think we’re all headed… Happy Thanksgiving.)

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