On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

I think I get where you’re coming from because I’m an Apple nerd and often get their new things the day they come out and I do sometimes feel weird using them in public for a while because it feels a bit like I’m showing off. But really, I think caring that much about how we’re perceived is unhealthy. Just because some people would buy a Tesla to show off how much money they have doesn’t mean that’s why you’re doing it. Some people bought the iPhone 5s so that people will see they have the new iPhone; I bought it because it had a freakin’ 64-bit processor with double the register count of the one before and could read your fingerprint! How cool is that?! So when people ask you about your nice Tesla tell them how many Watt-hours of energy it uses per mile and how amazing that is compared to your last car. And if they look down on you because it also looks cool then really… is that your problem or is that their problem?

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