Week 4

This is just a placeholder version, so I can post my Week 5 blog without messing up the order, anything below is subject to change.

Client Requirements

I’ve chosen to work on the Main Street Corner Shop, they have no online presence of any kind and desire one. They want a Facebook page and they’d like for their website to be mobile friendly.

This site needs to be one that is user friendly, so anyone can use it.

They would like an online transaction service so that their customers can order and pay for food online.

Target Audiences

Being a corner store with ordered hot food and the like, my client’s target audience is everyone of all ages and dispositions.

Technical Requirements

The client has asked for an online transaction service, so that their customers can browse their foods, order them and pay for them online.

Market Research

A common staple of restaurants and takeout joints is a constant emphasis on the quality of their food and a big, flashy display of pictures of their food.

Evaluating Social Media Options

The client wants a Facebook page, as shown in their request with the details, so I’ll have to make one for them. There isn’t any requests for fusion with the website though, just a Facebook page, so that’ll make things easier.

Design Sketches


Client Questionnaire




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