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What has escaped the news cycles successfully so far is how did Megyn Kelly EVER get to the position she now in enjoying as the prime time goddess of FoxNews? She, too, was involved in the sexual allegations of Ailes. The only difference is she didn’t file a lawsuit. We have always thought she played for pay because god knows she has NO talent… and her programs are more like a prime time Jerry Springer show than a news program. If it looks like a sleaze, talks like a sleaze, and acts like a sleaze… its a sleaze. The only mistake Ailes made was hiring women who actually expected to be treated as professional journalists because they WERE professional journalists. If Ailes had stuck to hiring play for pay prostitute types, like Kelly, there would never have been any stink raised by his pretend journalist bimbi in the first place. The only mistake THEY made as journalists is that they agreed to dress like pay for play prostitutes at Ailes prompting.

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