Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting
Tony Zhou

Hi, My name is JJ, and this is a requiem to your postmortem.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following your videos for a while, now, thanks to websites like NoFilmschool who made me discover you.

Like a lot of people, I fell immediately in love with all your contents and the seemingly simple and straightforwardly didactic way you explained all your points (plus … NUJABEEEES !!!).
And like a lot of people, I thought it was the work of Tony alone (sorry about that, Taylor)

A few little words to introduce myself : I’m a Taiwanese freelance animation film director who happened to be born in France and grew up in Belgium, where I majored in animation film directing. it’s been now 10 years I’m working in Taiwan, mostly as a freelance animator for 8 years, then more recently as a photographer. Since the past 2 years, I also happened to give several workshops on visual storytelling and among all the materials I could gather online for my workshops, Every Frame a painting was always one of my most prized choice material to show to a bedazzled audience of film or animation students who couldn’t believe there was such clear-cut explanation on the craft of filmmaking and most overall, composition and editing.

For the past 2 months, these workshops have coalesced into a part time job as a teacher in TNUA, one of the most prestigious arts university of Taiwan, where my job is to show animation films from all over the world… and you guessed it, my very first day of screening was an extensive playlist of some of your most relevant videos ! It certainly help me kickstart my semester on hot wheels, since it definitely caught the attention of my students, giving them enough weapons to have a better understanding (and appreciation) of all the various films I was going to show them over the course of the semester !

For that, I’m extremely grateful to you 2 for all the hard work you put into your (already legendary) channel, and although I’m sad that you stopped enjoying it, I’m fully supportive for you to embrace your new chapter, as I myself recently went through a similar change of passion and career (from 15 years as an animation film director to budding photographer), and 100% agree with you about the fact that if you don’t feel like doing it anymore, you just shouldn’t force it (that’s simply not how creativity works).

Thank you tremendously for those years of great edutainlightning essays, and wish you all I the best for whatever you 2 have in store for the future
I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna look like.