Going All In When Dealt A Bad Hand

As the universe would have it, not everything works in complete harmony. In the wild world of being an entrepreneur, some days — no matter how planned out they may be — a tornado comes along ripping it from its roots. Naturally, many people will develop what we can call Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome.

Don’t get frustrated; Get Determined

Recently, I wrote an article on VIG & Associates blog — VIGHub — where I discussed the importance of grit when dealing with daily tasks. Today, here on medium I’m expanding that thought process to include Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome. For those who are not familiar with Stockholm Syndrome, this is a syndrome where hostages express empathy, and sympathy for their captor(s). Thus, instead of fighting back, those who develop Stockholm Syndrome succumb to their captors at all levels.

In the case of Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome, the captor is the daily grind; the unexpected; the force of gravity pulling you while you try to shoot your way to survival. The hostage in this case is you, where you have the option, everyday, to either fight back, or succumb to these external, unforeseen forces.

At its core, entrepreneurship is defined by how the entrepreneur deals with the unexpected.

Therefore, the true battle for the entrepreneur becomes combatting Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome. In so doing, the entrepreneur develops a sense of strength in fighting the unknown, or unexpected daily. This strength will build confidence, and, in turn, this confidence will build the entrepreneur.

In a way, you could say that this is another way of saying: “Don’t let them grind you down” or something else to that effect (there are a million sayings like such). But, Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome recognizes much more than that. It recognizes the danger of allowing defeat to occur — even just once. It recognizes the susceptibility of ones constitution once it’s been defeated — even once. And, it recognizes that as an entrepreneur, unexpected events defines entrepreneurship by how the entrepreneur deals with the unexpected.

Thus, when the unexpected occurs, entrepreneurs must double down a bad hand to develop the grit that is required of every entrepreneur. Further, it is the most efficient and successful way to combat Entrepreneur Stockholm Syndrome, and falling prey to all of the unknowns attempting to derail your goals.