TL;DR: 6 months of work by 1 intern and the 20% time of two “dev-signers” led to designs taking 30% less time to create for designers at Atlassian. Interested to learn how? Read on…

Repetition is the antithesis of fun. The games industry has known this for years — grinding out the same thing over and over for the same reward creates diminishing dopamine responses until it becomes aggravating. Conversely, performing an action that amplifies your reward is immensely satisfying.

Exponential reward leads to high user satisfaction. Impressively scientific gif proves this. Just look at the smiley faces the graphs make.

Games like Cookie Clicker are based entirely around this — exponential return from the same action. Other games such as…

Jacob Miller

Prototyper for Atlassian. Kinda a designer. Kinda a programmer. Kinda neither.

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