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Jason J
May 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Beer League Review:Arsenal Envy Hockey Stick

As a life long beer league hockey player, no piece of equipment feels more personal than my hockey stick. I’ve gone through countless sticks in my life, and like most players, I have my preferences and tend to pick the same types of sticks over and over.

At the end of winter season, my favorite stick broke in half when another player fell into me. I shared my sob story on twitter, and the folks at The Hockey Arsenal were kind enough to reach out and offer me one of their Envy sticks as a replacement. Again, I typically don’t deviate from the usual brand/model/flex of stick I like, but I couldn’t pass up this very generous offer, and a chance to try out what looked like a very promising new twig.

Summer league has been on for a few weeks now, and as a result I’ve been able to put the stick through it’s paces in a few games, and here’s my honest thoughts on the Envy stick from The Hockey Arsenal.

First off, while the look of a stick shouldn’t *really* matter, I’m still a sucker for a good looking stick. In that sense, the Envy doesn’t disappoint. I really like the green and black colour scheme; it’s eye catching without being too flashy IMO.

The stick itself is a senior model with a 60" shaft at 85 flex, and a very common A92 curve pattern, very similar to the P92 Backstrom curve from Bauer.

I’m a shorter player (5'7"), so I needed to take a few inches off the stick before taping it up for game action. As a result I estimate the flex for my use was closer to a 95. Flex is a very personal preference for players, and I tend to use very low flex sticks, so right away this was a big change for me.

Despite the increase in flex over what I normally use, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Envy stick on the ice. The A92 curve with just a slightly open toe combined with what feels like a mid-low kick point really let me whip wrist and snap shots off the rush. For the style of play I bring, this is a perfect fit — I’m typically a faster skater who likes to get off quick shots from the wing. I’m not often winding up for a big slap shot, and the Envy stick really lends itself well to my style of play. Maybe for years I should have been using sticks with higher flex, but for whatever reason the Envy was a perfect fit for me.

If there was one thing I would like to see changed with the Envy, it’s the finish on the shaft. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it — on the contrary; the shaft feels comfortable and lies well in my hands. However, I’ve grown used to shafts with a bit of a grip or tacky finish, and I would gladly purchase a second Envy stick with that as an option. As with much in the world of sticks though, this is just my personal preference, as I know several of my friends prefer this non-grip finish.

Given the excellent performance on ice, the sleek look and design, and the comfortable feel in the hands, I would have no hesitations recommending the Envy stick to others. In fact, I’ve already done do to several of the players I play with who started asking about the stick. On top of all this, the stick is priced great compared to the sticks I would consider to be comparable; the Envy is priced almost 40–50% lower comparatively.

The folks at The Hockey Arsenal have produced a great stick here, and they’re very quick to respond to questions — hit them up on Twitter or through their website, and get yourself an Envy!

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