Guide to Car Spray painting — How to do it like a pro?

Jul 2 · 10 min read

Repaint your car yourself — Know the limits

Yeah, you can go really fancy on it…

Working conditions

The different ways of painting your car

Spray and Repaint your car yourself — Preparation, 90% of the time

Step 1: Wash your car

Step 2: Dismantle everything

Step 3: Cover the surface generously with adhesive tape

Step 4: Unboss and smooth

Step 5: Sanding

Step 6: Wash the fat with a silicone cleaner

Step 7: Prepare your workplace

Step 8.1: Paint a car with spray paint cans

Step 8 alternative: Painting a car with a roller

Step 8 alternative: Wrap painting the vehicle

Step 9: Finishing the vehicle

Repaint your car yourself — All you need to know at a glance:

When to repaint your car yourself?

What are the possible methods?

Where can you spray paint your car yourself?

What do I need to spray paint my car?

How much will it cost me to spray paint my car alone?

Advantages of spray painting your car alone

Disadvantages of repainting your car yourself


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I am a specialist in spray painting of cars, I will advise you as best I can in this field.

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