Hash Maps — Day 10

We went over hash maps which is similar to having an array inside an array, except that you’re able to run different functions and commands.

They seem to be very useful at combining lists of items that need to be categorized and then referenced back to, keeping data organized.

I’m still playing catch up with homework, but I was able to finish a lot of projects that were incomplete and get those turned in.

The biggest thing I’m struggling with now is just switching between languages, since we are learning three (two and a half?) at the same time. Java and JavaScript are very close so that’s not a big deal, but Clojure is a very different beast so whenever I switch to or from it I have to restart from the beginning.

Regardless I still love programming and even though I’m overwhelmed pretty much every day I’m still so excited to be doing this. It’s always fun, even when I’m struggling to figure it out, it’s like a complicated math problem that I forgot how to solve.