Robert Barth

A fine history lesson indeed, Robert, both pre and post 1970. I too began my working life in 1969, after living the 60's as a student, including 1968 in Paris, and came to the US in 1974, so I have seen things happen in real time. My Dad fought in WW2, and was a POW in Germany for 5 years. I was born in 1946, more or less 9 months after he came back. I grew up poor in a rural France slowly recovering from the war, not prosperous happy 1950' America.

I feel guilty though that I did not pay attention close enough through the last 40 years, and was too busy with life to detect the slow radicalisation of our society and institutions undertaken way back then by the Kock Bunch. Only a few years ago did I realize the extent of their network, and their systematic destructive effect on Democracy. They are now pretty much controling every level of government from schoolboards to State Legislatures to Senate, Congress and the Presidency itself. They are controling the major institutions of learning, including our top law schools. They have brainwashed and hoodwinked well over a hundred million Americans. They are setting the agenda, bribing everybody in power, and will stop at nothing to get their way. Steve bannon is their “eminence grise”, and the rest are but puppets, whether they realize it or not. The situation is much more dire than most people think. Trump is doing their bidding day after day. We are ripe for a full fledged dictature of the oligarchs.

It could happen any day. The scenario is easy: Trump fires Sessions and replaces him with Giuliani, he fires Mueller, people get down in the streets in substantial numbers to protest(I will), paid agitators start violence, overturn a few cars and set them on fire, windows get broken, some buildings are set on fire, the riot police comes in with their armored vehicules and military equipment, they fire rubber bullets and tear gas, beat a few people, the people respond and defend themselves, the outside looters come in and set a few more fires, the President declares a National Emergency and calls in the National Guard, things get a little out of hand, Martial Law is declared… The President takes full powers, A.K.A. a COUP. We are fucked, and find ourselves in a Dictatorship… All agitators, including me, are jailed indefinitely.

Pessimistic, yes, but entirely plausible.

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