Do You Still Feel Capitalism Dying?
Joe Brewer

Great piece Joe, but now you need to come up with workable strategies to change things.

The Alt Right Oligarchs have now acquired such a stronghold on EVERYTHING that it is going to be extremely difficult to reverse things. They control most of the Polititicians at all levels of Government, from schoolboards to the President of the United States. They have phony “think tanks” and “foundations” turning out books and papers pushing their stupid theories, they have the Fascist Religious Right brainwashing their flock every Sunday, they have election officials rigging elections and purging the rolls, they are at all levels of government passings rules, laws and regulations with innocuous names every day that restrict liberties, oppress women and minorities, and deregulate industries, they disregard anti trust laws. They own hundreds of right wing TV an Radio stations all over the Country that spread their lies and brainwash the people that listen to them(in the county, this is often the ONLY station). Even the major Universities and Law Schools have been taking their money and are teaching their lies, including Harward and Yale. Georges Mason University is nothing more than a “Koch School”.

To sum up my thoughts, we are really in deep shit, and getting out of it is going to take a hell of a fight, a huge commitment from a huge amount of people, and a long time. AI am afraid we are not anywhere there yet. Most American are sleepwalking, blissfully unaware of what is happening, most people don’t read our posts beyond the headline, most kids are stuck to their iPhones texting, shooting selfies, and playing games. I was a student in the late sixties, and back then, students were very politicized, and definitely very left leaning. We yelled about Vietnam, Ken State, The killing of the Che, the destruction of Allende in Chile, the Cuban Blockade, the Russian Tanks in Budapest, the Wall, etc…, etc… The Students started and drove the 1968 Uprising against de Gaulle’s policies, and he blinked. Students these days don’t seem to give a shit about all that stuf. Like their parents, they are too busy with the Apps, Games, TV Series, Movies and commercials they are fed daily as pacifiers. They have by and large been politically neutered. Only a few of us old guard diehard Liberals are actually speaking out, but it’s like shouting in the wilderness, nobody really pays attention…

I am an active member of Indivisible, MoveOn and many other groups, I go out and protest, hang banners from bridges, paint signs, sit in, picket and die in when called too. I have marched in Washinton and unfurled long banners all over town. But you know what? I don’t think it has changed or will change a damn thing. I do it for my friends and fellow members of the group, and I do it for myself, because I would feel guilty if I stayed silent. But it will take a lot more to affect change, and I am not optimistic.

Cheers! Keep posting!

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