Guns Don’t Kill People…..

Bullets do. With that simple and inescapable truth I believe we can use successful models from other industries to reduce the deadly toll guns take on our society. And it has no bearing on the Second Amendment, and could hardly be opposed by any reasonable person, wherever they might stand on gun control and public policy. This may sound too good to be true…..but just consider this idea.

When you get into your vehicle, you are required to be financially responsible for any harm you may do while at the wheel. Companies are liable for the damages their product may cause, with one notable exception. And that is the makers of ammunition. How this industry is somehow exempt is a mystery, they have no Second Amendment protection, as accepting financial responsibility does not infringe upon the right to bear arms.

To me, the answer is fairly obvious. If there is a reasonable calculation that can be made between the cost of gun violence, and how to spread that cost to the purchasers of ammunition, not only would these funds help cover the societal and personal costs of gunfire, it would also reduce the amount of ammunition on the streets of our country. If a bullet costs fifty dollars, for instance, the kind of cheap and easy gunfire battles and random violence would be significantly reduced. You may still bear arms, but if you are going to fire them you must be financially able to bear the cost of that use. It is so logical that of course the idea has no chance, but if we keep repeating the mantra “Guns don’t kill people, bullets do” and accompany that with this common-sense liability insurance enforced at the point of sale, I am certain we could make a serious dent in this ongoing problem. Thanks for reading.

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