Men Suck

The percentage of women who have been a victim of sexual harassment ranged from 1/6 to 1/3 over various studies. Over the past 24 hours, #metoo has been trending over social media as a way for women to express the magnitude of sexual harassment and assault they have been victims of. It has been to express that these ratios are a large understatement. I’ve seen all types of women step up and speak out. Every age group, race, ethnicity, height, weight, and education level. I know there are many more women who still can’t speak out about this and shouldn’t be pressured to. If you think what you’ve seen is a lot, there are still many many more.

I am happy that people have come through to express solidarity for one another and to thank those for being able to admit their trauma. I’m happy that men have stepped up to ask about what they can do to be the solution. The answer to that question is simple. Don’t harass women. And speak up when you see it happening.

What has bothered me the most has been this pre-pubescent and immature response of #notallmen on social media as well. I became curious and asked several women who made these posts if any men (pronounced: boys) messaged them publically or privately in the past 24 hours saying #notallmen and if so how many.

7. 12. 18. 15. 3. 1. 9. 5. 5. 7.

10 women, and every single one in some way, shape, or form had some idiot mansplain about how not all men are like this. Now I will not single out who these idiots are, but men we must do better. Being implicit of these actions is almost as bad as doing them. Trying to minimize the trauma of victims serves only to silence them because you either don’t care or don’t want to think you are the problem. If a woman says men suck, and you call her sexist towards men, you are the problem.

Now I’m not here to hijack the platform and talk about how I’m different and how I’m going to personally do better. This is a time to sit back, listen, and take in what you are reading and seeing. Men do suck. I suck. You suck. And we must do a much better job. And if you feel threatened by hearing that, then you are the problem.