Keaton Jennings: Does he stay or does he go?
Conor Daly

I agree with the fact that Keaton Jennings has had too many opportunities and due to his lack of form during the South Africa test series. Now there is a looming conversation on who will be opener to partner cook in the up and coming ashes series in Australia. In my personal opinion there are only two contenders for me; Mark Stoneman and Hameed. Based on recent form Mark Stoneman should have his chance opening for England in the soon to be test against the West Indies. However if he fails there is no chance, in my opinion, that he should open in Australia where he would be facing a much harder bowling attack.

Hameed has proven he can bat against a great bowling attack in challenging conditions in India. So we know he can handle it.

Concluding, Mark Stoneman is the obvious choice, however we may have to call in Hameed as he is starting to find form in time for Australia.

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