Social Media Strategies

I decided to give myself a challenge and compare and contrast the social media presences of two completely different business models. I decided to go this route to show how important having a continuous, responsive and enticing social media presence is in the modern era. 
No matter what a business is selling or trying to achieve, a social media presence is key. The formula to connecting with the world is the same across the board. People don’t want to just see advertisement after advertisement on a company’s social media page. Instead, more companies are starting to use social media as a means of getting a pulse on their customers and their feedback. It’s really a beautiful trend in terms of business efficiency.

The two companies I decided to compare are the Milwaukee Bucks and Whole Foods Market. Right away, I noticed that both of these institutions are very active on both Twitter and Facebook. I saw recent posts responding to comments (some good and some bad). I saw links to interesting, related content and videos. For example, The Bucks Twitter feed is constantly updated with cool content for fans; from highlights to GIFs. Both companies seem to be doing a great job in terms of keeping their pages fresh and appealing to visitors and followers alike.

The only major thing that sets these two company’s approaches apart is the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks have more of a direct aim at their local community. Their social media pages are filled with all kinds of community and charitable events that players and staff members have attended. Not only are the Milwaukee Bucks providing good content on their pages, but they’re also showing people how they’re directly benefiting their community. I think that’s pretty important.