How my Heart and Soul speak through words

This is called RAPID EVE. Written ‎Friday, ‎January ‎21, ‎2011, ‏‎8:03:07 PM

Total rapid counter annihilation of the counter subject when refraining from a constant substance or straight and narrow frame of mind. At the almost blind but vividly reproaching impending doom of sarcasm hatred and ascertained solace, slowly come to mind. I turn from the approaches of the footsteps of my doom or as I know and wish it to be a sweet end to the neverending constant and encroaching relocation of the thing I call final release. The denial in which we suffer or the suffering of our denial is a space of mind I can’t seem to go on believing even though in front of me sits the more than nominal creature of my downfall! I scream out but of course every one and no one hears me. The same beat goes on chipping down and down the layers and nicks of what I see as a commending accomplished and well known path. I still wonder if I should seek out what I know I shall not find or if I should find what I seek and do I question what I found or once again step forward and take the plunge. I could say I can always change my definition of it and then proceed to believe myself wholeheartedly agreeing that the simple and almost perfect things are ripped and torn beyond belief as if I once asked perfect question and got the answer I was not expecting.