UX/UI to make your product viral
Tubik Studio

Sorry, I think I’ve missed something fundamental here: why do you want something to go viral? You seem to be saying that popularity is more important than anything else — and if you can get that popularity quickly, then even better. Even your process is bordering on ridiculous, from this: Create a unique solution of the wide-spread problem or issue (oh, ok, easy as that. I’ll get right onto it), to this: Prefer UI elements which are simple, clear and original (really? Groundbreaking). This blog epitomises the problem with UX blogs: tedious, bloated, veering from totally obvious to blindly optimistic, with no grounding in reality whatsoever. And why would you start with features before you’ve even understood your audience? Sorry, but just awful. Delete the blog and we can move on. Or just replace all the text with ‘do something completely unique and amazing’ and forget the pretense of having any idea whatsoever that you know what you’re talking about.

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