On what should happen if the unthinkable happens

Greetings Mr. Lessig,

In your wonderful piece of wishful thinking, you pose a fundamental question: “What should happen if Trump conspired with a foreign government to get elected?” Your very clear answer is that Trump should resign or be impeached, and those down the line should “do the right thing.” Of important note, you offer no additional justification in your article — these steps should be “obvious.”

No more Trump? Great idea. “If you steal an election, neither you or your party should benefit from that theft.” I agree, were it to be true.

You establish a moral high ground in your article, with at least a couple of mentions of treason and rights & wrongs.

And yet you conclude that Hillary Clinton should be the recipient of such fantasyland largesse. Yes, I see later in the comments, where you indicate that she “creamed Sanders in votes as well as delegates.” Yes, “will of the voters” and all that (but we’ll never know the true impact of the DNC collusion as well as the manipulative superdelegate process).

There is no moral difference between “stealing something” and attempting to steal it. Whether you get away with it or not matters not.

“Doing the right thing” would be admitting that the two largest parties are steeped in decades of corruption (which also includes colluding to suppress any competition), incompetence, and usurpation of power. And based on this admission, the right thing should be for both to voluntarily disband. That too is pure fantasyland.