Westbrook’s Dominance

In the past forty to fifty years, we haven’t seen a single player dominate his team’s games quite like Russell Westbrook. His ungodly numbers through his first twenty games this season are beginning to raise questions like “can he become the second person ever to average a triple double in a season?” Considering he’s only about 25% through this season, it is very unlikely that he can keep this pace and join Oscar ‘The Big O’ Robertson as the only players in NBA history to average at least 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. The forming assumptions that he is the most dominant player in the league today is very debatable. There are still players like LeBron, and Steph, and Anthony Davis, and Durant, and Carmelo, etc. So saying that Russell Westbrook is the alpha of the group can lead to heated discussions. He is obviously on quite a tear at the moment, but he still has to play against the best basketball players in the world night in and night out. Westbrook is making triple doubles look incredibly easy, and people around the world are rooting for him to finish out the season with these types of numbers. Currently, he has a streak of six straight triple doubles. This is unreal as the record for most consecutive triple doubles is seven by Michael Jordan in 1989. Russell continues to express his thoughts and feelings about it all, saying he doesn’t “think about the numbers at all” and he only cares about the wins and losses. This is the humble attitude that he needs with people looking up to him. It’s not like he is getting these numbers in scrub time when the game is out of hand and players don’t play as hard as normal. Russell is needed by his team to get these statistics in order for them to win. Westbrook has that killer instinct and takeover mentality that allows for his statline to look like it does. The rarity of averaging a triple double is something that is a once in a lifetime thing to see. Even with all of this history happening before our eyes, Russell Westbrook still isn’t getting as much national attention as the Golden State Warriors…

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