So what is a Perennial, when it is not the herbaceous plant?

Andrew is a successful Urban Planner, working for the private REIT fund developing communities targeting affluent families living in the Boston market. He has two sons and a daughter. He works hard but strives to protect sacred life work balance. He is successful, at this goal, some of the time but then not all of the time.

His passion is really video game production. So he is able to use this to help bond with his kids, and yes, fulfill some of his own personal passion. In particular, his sons marvels at the fact that he is fluent in SnapChat, ordering gifts for his wife via WhatsApp and loves Poncho for the weather.

But, how can that be! His Boomer cohort should be struggling to learn Facebook and assumes all his personal information is being sucked into the Internet vortex! He shouldn’t know SnapChat yet and golly gee ordering via WhatsApp. I spy a “Perennial” ? I would say yes!

So where does this Perennial label come from, here you are:

Gina Pell, is the owner of the newly coined term “Perennials”. She expresses her weariness of all the labels we casually use to describe how “cohorts” behave this way and that way. And, these chunks of population contained in these labels are so wide you lose any sense of real insight into what they do and why.

Perennials are the disruptor to all that labeling. Whether you are a Millennial, Gen X or Y or Z, or Boomer, there is a population groups that just keep reinventing themselves. These folks don’t get caught in a time capsule or spell of what is in or out in any given decade. They seek and explore new things all the time, they enjoy the risk and reward of exploration. They are fearless and have enjoyed the sport of adoption. They cut through the stereo types and are often at the cutting edge of new things.

Dave Eggers, author of The Staggering Work of a Heartbreaking Genius, states the following about Gina Pell’s work, “Gina take is that “Perennials” have a certain civic engagement that energizes other people, and the reinvention aspect is interesting and keeps people relevant and tough to pinhole.”

Important information for marketers seeking real insights into their consumers. Perennials are important influencers, early adapters and, will remain, connoisseurs of your product or service over time.