No Means No — Stop Trying to Bully Me Into Voting for Hillary Clinton

A Syrian boy shields his sister during a firefight in the Syrian civil war, a conflict greatly exacerbated by Hillary Clinton’s policy decisions as Secretary of State. No child should ever be subjected to such terror.

I am voting for Jill Stein for President and will never, under any circumstances, support Hillary Clinton as I consider her to be a corrupt warmongering order-taker for the corporate donor class. I will also not vote for Donald Trump, as I consider him to be an irresponsible buffoon whose careless rhetoric has harmed our country. Despite my clear statements of these facts, I am under relentless assault by my so-called liberal friends to vote for Hillary Clinton, despite my thousand misgivings, not least of which is that she did not legitimately win the Democratic primary and that her campaign team, the DNC, the state-level Democratic parties, and the corporate media all colluded to manufacture a “win” for her when an honestly run and reported primary would have obviously resulted in a Bernie Sanders victory. This collusion is especially difficult for me to deal with as, this past spring, I volunteered hundreds of hours that I didn’t really have, and donated thousands of dollars that I couldn’t really afford — on top of having a newborn child — this spring in the hopes of getting Bernie Sanders elected out of a desire to create a better world for my newborn son.

Even though I have explained my reasoning on being unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton — and have written an article on why I believe that electing Hillary to stop Trump is not an effective long term solution for our country — the bullying, badgering, shaming, scaremongering, insulting, belittling, mocking, and bullying of all varieties continues to assault me both on social media and in real life as my supposed liberal friends just don’t seem to be able to respect my “no” on this topic. Just recently, I was treated to this gem of an insane guilt trip (typos in the bully’s writing not corrected):

So, just to be clear, you prefer Trump in the White House? I’m just checking because I don’t want to write you of as a complete lost cause who is unable to look at all the people who will suffer under Trump inordinately more than Clinton and say, “my ideological purity is not worth more than the recognition of those people had human beings worthy of equal civil rights.”
If you think it will be easier to get your political dreams achieved with Trump in the White House than Clinton we are not on the same side of progressive values.

Something in me snapped when I read this, and I finally had had enough. I am so sick of this self-righteous crap when I am a good-hearted person who cares about the world and people of all shapes and forms, and did my best to try and help make the world a better place by getting Bernie Sanders elected only to watch him be cheated then lie down like a lamb at a slaughter. So, I wrote the following, and I have decided to share it in the hopes that it helps others. :

You know what is crazy about this conversation? I am not voting for Trump, yet you somehow want to hold me responsible for what happens if and when he gets elected. At the same time, however, you are actually voting for someone who is now backed by every war criminal in the Bush/Cheney war crime syndicate — and with good reason given her history of destabilizing countries as Secretary of State — yet you seem to think that you deserve no blame for the war crimes that will be committed under a Hillary presidency. You talk about civil rights, but what about the children below who are suffering in a way that no children should ever suffer? Just F them because you’re scared? That’s completely vile and beneath you, and I think you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to bully a good-hearted and kind person, who did everything he could to get a strong candidate elected only to be cheated by the corrupt DNC, into voting against his conscience for someone who will almost certainly bring much more suffering into this world than she already has.

I then posted this picture:

That was the end of the conversation and I didn’t hear from the bully again. I hope that these ideas help you to stand up to your bullies as well — what we are being put through in our efforts to stand up for what is right in the world is absolutely wrong and should not be tolerated. It is bullying and it is wrong. Together, we will put an end to it.


Editorial Note (revised 8/14): In earlier versions of this article, I used the terms “mental rape” and “mental abuse” to describe my feelings with regard to how I was being treated by Hillary supporters. While my original article drew from my own experiences and related experiences of friends with whom I have discussed this topic, it has become clear to me that the range of experiences described by these words impact different people in different ways. As a result, I now use the terms “bully” and “bullying”. I hope this change will allow more people to hear the content of this article.