A barista that was denied a hug from a baby & my back hurts

I am back from the gym. I should not be going to the gym. I should be working.

I am living of my savings (here is the post explaining why) and have been working like never before to ramp up my “start-up”. I still need to figure out a lot of things and my mind is just filled with information.

I will not write about that boring stuff.

What I will write about is the experience of living a different life. From the day I left my corporate job, I have been fully immersed into a lifestyle difficult to grasp until you dive into it.

I’ll document as much as I can during this journey and share it with you guys. Why? Because everyone writes about lean startup, YC, uber, growth hacking and bla bla bla.

Bla bla car.

Instead of adding my ignorance into a bunch of material out there, I will share the real physical and mental (non-business related) experience of starting up your own thing.

10 things I learned in 10 days

1.) On where to work: The dinning table as a working station sucks. My back hurts. You know what also sucks? The pillow on my legs working as a laptop dock. But you know what … for now it works.

2.) On where not to work: I found a Pret-a-manger close to where I live with nice sitting space. I went there. So did a group of ladies celebrating a baby shower. They sat next to me.

I opened Spotify and choose the “focus” playlist. I could not focus. It might be also the fact that the barista was trying to get a hug from the baby shower baby.

Hug denied & documented.

Actual moment when the mom refuses to let the barista touch the baby. I laughed out loud internally.

3.) On sleeping and waking up: The first few days were wonderful as I slept like a baby and woke up energised. That did not last. I go to bed late (because I am working) and I wake up earlier than before (because I need to work).

4.) On managing your own time: You do not have enough time. I now have devided my week into 7 topics that I must work on. One-a-day style.This works for me to keep track, but a day is nefer enough.

Time is the most valuable asset you have

5.) On eating: I used to eat 6 meals a day (high protein / low carbs) due to a gym fixation I have. Now, I eat less meals a day and protein does not seem as cheap as before. Hint: My savings are not massive.

6.) On going out: Please read the hint above.

7.) On socialising: Almost non existent. Two factors: No time and most of your friends think you are crazy. It is a lonely — but exciting — road.

8.) On your capabilities You figure out immediately that nobody can build great things by themselves. Anyone that claims this is a liar.

9.) On people I have been very lucky to find people that have helped me for free. Examples: Logo, mockup website and trademark advise. You can get things for free…just ask nicely and tell your story.

10.) On my relationship: Before I left my job she kept telling me that I was becoming a bitter person. Since I left, I have a smile on my face every single day. My relationship has improved massively.

I even joke now.