Medium Response #6 — Filtering
COMS490 Sp16

Ignorance is bliss?

So before reading this, I did not know what algorithmic filtering was. Now that I have a better understanding, I’d like to touch upon it and the influence it may carry in any sort of social aspect. Many of us don’t realize the coding and background information that goes on when we are searching this or participating in an event in order to fit in with society. The thing is that algorithmic filtering carries a huge influence in potential social movements and/or any sort of social media commotion that is currently happening. The reason is because the developers(coders), in which are those swayed by whatever the government wants, want to turn the attention away from a current problem and ease the commotion by turning peoples attention away from the problem. Thus, when a problem is ‘trending’ the attention is shifted and with the simple lines of code, we can all be seeing something completely different. This calls for attention because then we have to question whether or not we will see or hear about actual catastrophic events in the future. If these programmers don’t want us to hear it then chances are that we probably won’t be hearing it and that’s very worrisome. Personally, I do view algorithmic filtering as some type of censoring but it is not necessary. The point of social media is to carry out quick news, I mean it has it in its name; social+media. C’mon now, when will people start understanding that although we may not want to hear things, the truth is what we need to know. The truth will lead us to know our identities and the identities of those around us as well. Why do the higher up continue to believe that not sharing information with us is a necessity? You want to know why? They’re scared; they are scared of what can happen if people find out what really is going on. They are scared about what people will do. Can’t you see? We, the common people, have more leverage than what we believe, but the government makes us forget so very quickly with a hashtag or whatever it is nowadays. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. I mean, are my sports being censored or are they aiding in the censoring of a national event going on that I might not know about? Who knows..I guess we’ll see in the future.

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