As I began my search for a person from NESN with good facebook accounts to follow I was very surprised. I did not find a single person from NESN’s “team” page with a likable facebook page. The only folks that had any sort of likable pages were the former athletes of the group such as Dennis Eckersley, and Jim Rice. But they never had any sort of reporting post, Im sure they barely have any access to that page.

Multiple times I came across personal pages for some of the people they had on their page. Big on air folks such as Sarah David and Elle Duncan had personal pages that did not even give me the option to add them as a friend. Im sure that came as a learning experience to them. They probably did not expect to gain such a big following as they did in Boston and had to make their pages private.

I imagine that NESN’s social media team does not like for their reporters to have their own facebook pages. To me the only reason why this would be the case is because it could possibly detract from NESN’s actual page.

I guess the only way that I would do any of these things differently is to actually have likeable facebook page. I know that having individual folks who have their own page could make things more personal and for me I know that I will “like” someone on facebook if their stuff seems personal. I don’t like reading when it seems liek a robot has just posted a generic headline.