New England Sports Network (NESN)

New England Sports Network (AKA NESN) is a New England based sports network dedicated to providing news on the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, New England Patriots and other sports happening around New England and sometimes nationally.

As a Boston kid born and raised I have always enjoyed watching NESN broadcasts. It was not until I became a student that I noticed some things I not been educated in prior. NESN is a very biased station… given its location, yes, they should be covering the local sports teams but they are also owned partially by Fenway Sports Group (Owners of the Boston Red Sox) and the Jacobs family (Owners of the Boston Bruins). This provides an econmic dependance that if NESN were to talk or report bad about one of these teams then their bosses could become upset and it could be a bad thing for the station.

When I take a look at NESN’s social media I am actualyl pleasantly surprised. They have a strong following of almost 500,000 on Facebook. I noticed that their numbers on twitter are only about half that. For a city the size of Boston that is so deep into sports and from New England as a whole, with a population around 15 million. These numbers are kind of embarrasing. For a city that is so historic in sports I would expect their leading sports network to have a religious following by all.

Taking a look at their twitter and facebook accounts it does not seem like they are automated. It seems like there is someone behind every tweet. One good thing that I noticed from Twitter is that a lot of the tweets NESN retweets are from NESN folks. So for instance Jack Edwards, a play by play announcer for the Bruins tweets regularly included this from last night.

Tom Caron is a Boston Red Sox analsyt and host for NESN tweeted this afte the New England Patriots recent loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game.

They not only cover New England sports but everything they feel the sports world should know. I think that is good for a network to not only focus on one area but be broad.

As the sesmster goes on I would like to be able to answer some of these questions.

  • Why does it seem that the ownership never listens to fans or never does anything in the best interest of employees? (i.e. Don Orsillo not getting contract renewed this past season.)
  • What are future plans for the network?
  • Will an effort be made to regain the Hockey East television contract after their current one with ASN is over?

I’m sure that more question will come up as I dive deeper into the network and I hope that I can find the answers.

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