A Slice from the Past

The following photographs are meant to represent the themes of inevitable decay and transformation, specifically connected to moving away from industrious scenes in an urban setting. A majority of these photos were taken in and around the Twin Cities area, an area once portrayed as a blossoming industrious hub but now characterized by its service-based economy and booming arts scene. These pictures show that the Twin Cities, not unlike other American metropolitan areas, has experienced a shift away from labor-based culture and society. The decaying structures featured in many of the pictures are meant to represent the idea that once integral parts of society are often forgotten, even if there are attempts to keep them relevant.

The shape, line, and form of this image allow the viewer to experience the structure as it once was. The themes of decay and age set by the industrious structure contrast the themes of development and prosperity set by the concrete path and steel fence in the background.
This image is simple yet captivatingly interesting. The lines of this scene are all parallel to one another and converge steadily upon the single focal point of the image. The newer layer of brick in the top portion of the image again explains the narrative of development and progress in a once industrious culture.
The towering structures in the background are symbolic the modern age we’ve come to assume. The modern bridge and features of the landscape show development upon what was a part of an era of the past. The broken and decaying structures at the riverbank in the picture show how progress is inevitable and change will always push things in the past out of relevance.
This image is interesting in that its primary focal point is obstructed and in the background. The highly modern structures in the background of this image are almost consumed by the trees and natural structures, but are at the same time maintaining their status as the focal points of the scene. This image speaks to the idea that no matter how hard people hold onto narratives of the past, change and development will always occur.
The focal point of this image is very apparently meant showcase modern themes. The buildings in the background of the image are for the most part modern, but are interspersed with less obvious and seemingly less significant buildings that are obviously older. The more modern structures overshadow the older structures, suggesting that in general older things are often forgotten in comparison to new and interesting things.
This image again showcases the idea that past narratives are often forgotten. The structure in the image is a museum connected to ruins of the history that it teaches. The intent of the creators was to create an interesting and tangible scene to show to consumers of the history, but all they’ve created is a blatant disrespect for the history. By showcasing their modern structures in comparison to older ones, they’ve done nothing but make people view the historic scene as less than the modern museum.
This image suggests a reverence for the past. The sign in the image is meant to remember what made the area great, but is minuscule in comparison to its surroundings and will eventually be ignored and forgotten.