Illegal Immigrants: The “Real” Bad Guys

Over the weekend, 6-year-old Lennox Lake was driving home from Disneyland with his parents when their car was struck by a drunk driver, gravely injuring Lennox. The situation was incredibly tragic and should never have to happen to a family. Fox News found out about the incident and did a story on it, addressing Lennox’s injures and how the family was holding up. However, when talking about the driver that struck the family’s car, Fox News barely touched on the fact that he was drunk. Instead, they focused on the fact that the man was an illegal Mexican immigrant and used this sad story as a way to push an anti-immigrant agenda by turning the tragedy into a horror story.

The article starts out in a very clever way; talking about the innocence of Lennox Lake. He was “having the time of his life” and “had been such a good boy.” Immediately the reader is sympathetic to Lennox, accepting this painted picture of a pure angel of a boy. After describing the accident, the article describes the criminal as “an alleged drunk driver — a man identified as a Mexican national — a man living in our country illegally,” and noted that he “had been deported 15 times over the past 15 years.” This was the incorrect topic to focus on. The article starts to push a fear of illegal immigrants, when it should be talking about the real danger; drunk driving. Later in the article, they revert back to talking about illegal immigration. Luke’s father expresses his distaste of sanctuary cities for immigrants and how they should not be allowed back in after deportation. The article includes three quotes Luke’s father talking about illegal immigrants, but none about drunk drivers. However, the entire article gives very vague reasons as to why people should actually be afraid of illegal immigrants. The article asks ominous questions like “How many more six-year-old children must be injured by illegal aliens before Washington, D.C. takes action?” and “How many more families must be terrorized by the invaders?” There is no reason given as to why these “invaders” should be feared.

The article does give a solution to the problem. Readers are advised to “call your elected leaders — and demand they take immediate action to secure the border.” While this is an acceptable solution to the illegal immigration problem, it still does not provide evidence as to why these immigrants should be feared. No information about how many illegal immigration are charged with murder in the U.S. is provided anywhere in the article.

The entire article is solely designed to strike a false fear into the readers hearts and get them fired up over an already heated political topic. Articles like these are unfortunately created all the time. They are much less “news” and more so opinion pieces, with click bait headlines and false narratives.