Smart and Sexy: A Beautiful(?) Relationship

Most people tend not to associate a passion make out session with starting a website for a small business. However, the advertisers at did exactly that in the most shocking ad played during the 2013 Super Bowl. It starts with an opening shot on two very different people; an attractive female model and an overweight, pasty-looking male typing away at a computer. A narrator explains how the two of them represent the two main components of; sexy and smart. They then turn towards each other and begin passionately making out after the narrator describes them as “the perfect pair.” effectively used the viewer’s need for sex in an over the top way by claiming that their business combined the powers of sexy and smart.

In the world of advertising, the need for sex is one of the easiest ways to catch the attention of a consumer. However, most ads that use this technique are never too explicit. They normally show two attractive people lying down together in a limited amount of clothes, passionately moving around slowly and looking into each other’s eyes. The ad did not use these limitations. In a 33 second-long ad, the two actors spent a solid 15 seconds of it with their lips locked. Everyone who saw this ad stared in utter shock at this never-before-seen technique was used. The fact that one of the actors was stereotypically unattractive added even more to this shock factor. This entire storyline was so effective because it had never been done before. It was against social norms to put something this explicit on television. Everyone talked about it after it was aired and referred to it as “the GoDaddy commercial” which was the goal of the company. They wanted everyone to be talking about it the next day, whether it be in a positive or a shocked/disgusted light.

It is every pubescent 14 year old boy’s dream to make out with an attractive super model. This ad tapped into that dream like no ad ever had done before. Every straight male who watched the ad stared in awe as the geekiest-looking guy in the world got to achieve the dream they had all had as a kid. Why did he achieve this dream? Well, because he’s associated with of course. The ad wanted straight males interested in starting a website to know that their company was not only going to give them a good web format, but also a supermodel to go along with it. wanted straight males to think “if THAT guy can make out with a supermodel, then of course I can, too.” After giving them this thought, they were presented with the perfect solution;

This ad is really one of a kind and hard to duplicate. It’s hard to create an ad that resonates with viewers in such a way that they’ll always remember it as the most shocking super bowl ad they’ve ever seen. The future will most likely contain more and more explicit advertisements, desperately trying to catch the attention of a every day consumer.