How to quantify the ventilation rate of an indoor space using an affordable CO2 monitor

Screenshot of the COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission Estimator, showing the location where the ventilation rate of the space needs to be entered.
Aranet4 CO2 analyzer, with my hand for scale. This is the manual
Calculation of ventilation rate from the CO2 experiment in the Readme page of the COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission Estimator
My first experiment. First (left) the monitor was outdoors. Then I brought it into a studio (small separate building) where my wife had been working. She left shortly afterwards, at which point the CO2 peaks and stops decreasing. Then CO2 is slowly removed by infiltration of outdoor air. Ad the end of the experiment I took the monitor into the house, which had lower CO2 concentration.
Results of the second experiment, with a window partially open. Low values before the peak are outdoors, then move analyzers into the studio, and let it be, with the fan on. Cursor is at point where excess CO2 had decreased 63% from the peak.
Response of the Aranet4 analyzer to a rapid change in CO2 concentration
Time series comparison of Aranet4 sensor with a research-grade LI-COR sensor
Scatter plot and orthogonal distance regression linear fit between the Aranet4 and LI-COR CO2 measurements




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Jose-Luis Jimenez

Jose-Luis Jimenez

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