my TV journey

Since I was a little girl watching TV was one of my favorite thing to do. Over the years I learn a lot about myself from watching TV. There are so many TV shows you could choose to watch. You could learn a lot from watching TV even if you are little kids or an adult. An example Kids like to mimic what they saw in TV’s.

Age 2–5

This are the TVs shows I remember watching when I was two to five years old. I remember watching them and everything they do I would do it after. Also I would sing every song I heard from the shows to my parents. Barney was one of my favorite show to watch as a toddler . I remember I own a Barney toy when I was little I would take it everywhere I go

Also Winnie The Pooh was something that I watched almost everyday. Because the name of my Pre School was Winnie and every time we had to watch TV they always have Winnie the pooh on the TV . So I spent a bunch of time watching Winnie Piglet, Tigger and the rest of the crew .because we did not speak English they had to put French translation for us to understand

Age 5–8

When I turned 5 years old Barney and Winnie The pooh was not in my interest anymore . I felt I was too old to watch them .When my Brother want to watch I would always want to watch something else. My new interests were Tom and Jerry . I loved watching Tom and Jerry it use to make laugh .

Another thing I loved to watch was Kirikou and the Sorceress . I was never tired watching this movie . still today I still enjoyed watching Kirikou. I also remember the theme song of the movie .I would sing it all the time with my aunt because she is a kindergarten teacher and both of us love singing song from movies we watch together. Kirikou was my favorite movie at that time because in my eyes I saw Kirikou as an hero because it did not let his small body stand on his way for him to help his village . I learned from Kirikou I stated wanted to help my parents more with my little brother and other stuff in the house.

Age 8–12

Disney movies were like the Walking Dead for us back home . the movies you watch place you in what categories of kids do you belong to. My friend Samantha like watching documentary so she belong to the smart group. kids that watch Disney they might put them in kids categories. There was some kids that watch Spanish serial that had French translation they put them in teenagers categories. I did not know where I belong because I watched everything that seems interesting. My favorite was La force du coeur a Spanish serial . I would watched it every time I was done with my school work.

Age 13–15

When I was 13 everything change for me. I moved from a country to another country. I did not speak English at that time ,for me to learn English I had to watched a lot of TV so I can learn from the characters . One of favorite show I used to watch was SpongeBob Squarepants .

In three months I could understand most thing that people were saying .So I started watching more TV. I found so many shows I felt like watching TV was like a part time job for me . everyday I had something to watch . Monday through Friday. My favorite show to watch was Pretty little liar.

Age 15- to the future

I don’t only Watch English show I watch everything that seems interesting for me. I started watching reality TV shows like Love and Hip Pop ,the ID channels. Life time movies ,cooking channels .Not only I watched American TV series or movies I watch stuff in French also .Watching TV help a lot I know some people would why Do I watch watching all that TV but watching TV help me. I learn how to speak in English because I watch TV .I learn how to make some type of food while watching the cooking channel. Also Watching TV help me to remember my First languages . Watching TV is not wasting time you can actually learn something while Watching TV. Thinking back all these shows or movies that I watched I didn’t realize the impact some of them had on me until I stated doing this project. Watching TV is something that I do on my free time now because school, work so I only have time to watch TV when I am not sleeping, at school or work. I will never stop Watching TV because I learn stuff from watching TV . And I’m looking forward for the new shows that’s coming in the future.

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